British American Tobacco Polska is part of the multicategory BAT Group, which operates in over 180 markets. The strategic priority of the Group’s activities is to create a Better Tomorrow. BAT offers adult consumers a wide choice of alternative products that are potentially less risky to health, thus limiting the impact of its activities on the environment. In 2020,
BAT has invested an additional £ 426 million in research and development of new categories products. The portfolio of BAT in Poland, apart from traditional tobacco products, includes
a number of innovative products from global brands: electronic cigarettes with the leading Vuse brand, heating tobacco products gloTM and VELO nicotine pouches.
The Group employs over 3,800 people in Poland. Apart from business center in Warsaw, the Group also includes a cigarette factory in Augustów, eSmoking World electronic cigarette sales network, e-cigarette factory eSmoking Liquids and R&D centre eSmoking Institute.