Health Resort Krynica-Żegiestów SA

Health Resort Krynica-Żegiestów SA is the modern company with over 200 years of spa treatment tradition. It`s main resources is mineral waters, which medicinal properties have been known and value for ages. Kryniczanka, Zuber, Jan, Słotwinka are waters well-known all over Poland. Kryniczanka contains minerals (calcium, magnesium, sodium, potassium) it reveals beneficial effects on the body and it regulated function of the nervous and muscular system. Słotwinka is recommended for prophylactic and therapeutic purposes. Zuber – it is irreplaceable in gastric and uodenal ulcer disease. Jan– this water reveals strong diuretic action, it is perfect in treatment of nephrolithiasis and other diseases of the kidneys and the urinary tracts.

Moreover, the Company invites you for stays at sanatorium, therapeutic vacations, rehabilation periods, fitness periods to its facilities: Nowe Łazienki Mineralne, Nowy Dom Zdrojowy, Stary Dom Zdrojowy, Patria in Krynicy-Zdrój.

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