The Małopolska Region

Małopolska – innovation at the heart of Europe.

Małopolska is the region where the most important economic and technological routes intersect. We have at our disposal the inexhaustible creative potential of curiosity and passion among scientists and students from leading universities, schools and colleges.

The Małopolska Region ranks third in the country in terms of both filed inventions and granted patents, but already second in terms of granted patents per million inhabitants (2017). There are several hundred research and development units operating in the region. In addition, there are about 20 cluster initiatives, including the LifeScience Cluster and the Sustainable Infrastructure Cluster, which have the status of National Key Clusters.

Małopolska is located in the Małopolska Upland and partly in the Western Carpathians, on beautifully shaped and varied terrains, with rich traditions and customs, abounding in unique monuments and numerous natural curiosities. In Poland, the UNESCO heritage includes 28 properties. Half of them is located in Małopolska, including the Wieliczka Salt Mine, the Old Town, Wawel Castle and Kazimierz in Cracow.

All roads lead to Małopolska.


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