Żabka is the largest chain of convenience stores in Central and Eastern Europe, which has approx. 7,500 stores run by over 6 thousand local franchisees. It also manages the leading brand of dietary catering Maczfit and the operator of the largest e-commerce platform for catering diets – Dietly. On average, nearly 2.5 million people visit local Żabka store every day, and about 6 million users use the digital application żaapkaŻabka is close to its customers – next door, just around the corner – on the way, in the centers of big cities and business districts, but also in smaller towns, offering high quality service and a wide range of private label products. The mission of Żabka is to “create value by facilitating life”. As part of its responsibility strategy, Żabka has made commitments in the areas of good nutrition, services that facilitate sustainable life, the development of entrepreneurship, diversity and an inclusive organizational culture, corporate governance, as well as decarbonization and circular economy.