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The CYBERSEC Forum is one of the biggest cybersecurity events in Europe and one of its kind in the world.

We provide a platform

Since 2015 CYBERSEC has become a space for a worldwide multistakeholder, cross-sectoral, inclusive debate connecting decision-makers, authorities, and experts from different backgrounds, to discuss the most pressing cybersecurity challenges.

We deliver recommendations

CYBERSEC does not end after the final bow – each edition is followed by a set of tangible recommendations for governments, institutions, companies, and individuals, delivered by our distinguished guests.

We build cybersecurity

CYBERSEC represents our vision for an alliance of countries that share views on dealing with current and future challenges, cyber threats, and opportunities coming from technology – in order to build a more cybersecure digital world.

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5 Thematic Streams


It is widely known that – given the fast pace of innovation – regulations hardly keep up with emerging technologies, thus it is necessary to make the process more agile and to involve in the debate a wide range of stakeholders.

Agile technology governance is needed more than ever. All adversarial uses of digital tools that impact societies – such as disinformation, fake news or increased surveillance – should be curbed, also through regulation, to ensure the peaceful and safe digital ecosystem.


The final impacts of a given technology on the economy can never fully predicted. The technologies of the future will bring both great opportunities and challenges for humanity in the context of emerging and previously unknown threats.

Creators and providers of emerging digital products and services will have the utmost duty to ensure the safety of communities against the malicious and adversarial use of available tools. There is also particular responsibility vested in the public sector for how nations are going to deploy the technologies of the future, face the challenges and minimise threats associated with it.


Modern economy is powered by data and new technologies. Companies all over the world can and should use digital solutions not only to facilitate their operations and services, but also to scale up and secure their position on the market. What happens in the private sector could affect the economy as a whole and then spill over to other parts of the society, which is why we need to watch the digital transformation closely.  

The principle of security by design should govern the modern product market structure to ensure it is embedded throughout the entire supply chain. Critical infrastructure, necessary for maintaining continuity of crucial economic processes, remains of particular importance in this dimension.


Technological development of the military sector and doctrine have a significant impact on international security maintaining peace and stable relations between countries. Digital tools and therefore cybersecurity are the gamechangers not only on battlefields, but also in  our day-to-day activities affected by adversarial use of new technologies. 

The debate and an impetus for creating rules in this area could come from like-minded countries as shared values are conducive to reaching a consensus on such difficult and complex challenges. Cooperation between the EU and NATO is equally crucial, and the coordination of tools and initiatives is key to ensuring the effectiveness of joint efforts.


The European Union remains one of the key players on the international arena. Strategic decisionsregulations and diplomatic efforts of the EU institutions not only change the cybersecurity landscape of the region, but also inspire others and enhance the EU’s influence. 

Digital policies by the EU, such as the Data Governance Act, Digital Services Act, Digital Markets Actall have great power over the technologicaleconomic environments, as well as the societyStaying up-to-date with major developments within the EU are absolutely key from the global perspective. 

CYBERSEC Forum History


Towards Values-Based Digital World
This year, CYBERSEC creates a platform for a European-wide debate concerning the most important digital challenges and opportunities faced by cities and regions. From the European Digital Spaces stream to the Three Seas Initiative stream.


Together Against Adversarial Internet
The 2020 edition of the CYBEREC Forum, with its central theme of Together Against Adversarial Internet, will provide a space to discuss the way forward for building cybersecurity in the new digital reality. We do believe that 2020 is a year when cybersecurity tops the political and strategic agendas of many organisations and countries.


Securing the World’s Digital DNA
Held for the first time in the lovely city of Katowice, the CYBERSEC Forum 2019 followed in the footsteps of its previous grand editions by bringing forth an agenda that again reflected the latest challenges of the digital era, with a primary focus on finding ways to secure and harness the power of the world’s digital DNA.


The Quest For Cyber Trust
Nothing can be built without trust. In the case of cybersecurity, trust is a critical value that underpins cooperation in order to build a thriving digital ecosystem and increase a common understanding of its rules. But how do we make it happen? CYBERSEC 2018 focused on bringing answers to that very question. The common sentiment among our speakers and participants was best enunciated during the second day of the conference: trust is only possible if the necessary tools and the will to act quickly without hesitation are present.


Dealing with Cyber Disruption was the overarching theme of the 3rd edition of CYBERSEC Forum. Being convinced that technology should exist to propel mankind and not threaten its future, we felt it was necessary to use our sizeable platform to increase awareness about this issue that has become a top policy concern and a national security priority. To that end, across 4 Streams & 80 panel discussions the participants to the conference engaged in a strategic dialogue on how to deal with cyber disruption in an holistic manner. Similarly to the past editions, our goal was to develop sound and practical recommendations for maintaining and strengthening our security in the cyber world.


The 2nd edition of the CYBERSEC Forum shed light on the Strategic Aspects of Cybersecurity. Across four different thematic streams (State, Military, Future, Business), our speakers and participants discussed the most pressing issues at that time and formulating the following action items: build sub-regional frameworks (such as the V4) to encourage a widespread creation of practical instruments and implementation of best practices, establish a system of incentives in regulatory practices related to cybersecurity for implementation by states and move away from the “one-size-fits-all” approach to developing tools to ward off attacks by malign actors such as terrorists or spies.


28-29 September 2015 marks the beginning of our CYBERSEC journey. Back then the conference brought together 400 participants including key industry stakeholders, prominent decision-makers, experts and academics to discuss the Strategic Challenges for Cybersecurity. Common points of convergence included the critical role and responsibility of states and private entities in ensuring a safe cyberspace through systematic supervision and proactive protection of their key assets.


Founded in 2000 as a non-profit organisation. Its mission is to act in the interest of the socio-economic development and security of Poland as a proactive member of the European Union and NATO.

At the Kosciuszko Institute we specialize in producing strategic recommendations for Polish and Europeans decision-makers alike always in a fair, independent and completely non-partisan manner. We and our fellows pride ourselves in preparing and presenting implementable and practical solution frameworks which benefit civil society and the private sector alike.

While CYBERSEC Forum is our flagship conference we have organized several other initiatives including CYBERSEC EXPO, CYBERSEC HUB and #CyberMadeInPoland. Drawing upon the Three Seas Initiative, the Kosciuszko Institute launched in 2018 the Digital 3 Seas Initiative which proposes solutions to tackle technology and cybersecurity within this international framework.

Among the numerous partners collaborating with our Institute, we should mention Polish and European public institutions, international organisations, national champions representing different sectors of the economy, world’s business leaders, top-tier think tanks from Poland and abroad, and the most influential, opinion-forming media. Since 2017, member of Global EPIC – a Global Ecosystem of Ecosystems Partnership in Innovation and Cybersecurity, gathering 13 entities from 9 countries of the world.

We’re most grateful that our Institute’s project count with the support and patronage of any partners chief among them the European Parliament, the European Commission, NATO, the Chancellery of the Prime Minister of Poland, the Chancellery of the President of Poland, the National Security Bureau, the Ministry of Digital Affairs, the Ministry of Economic Development, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Poland, the Ministry of National Defence, the Ministry of the Interior and Administration, the Ministry of Science and Higher Education, the Ministry of Infrastructure and Construction, the Ministry of Finance, the Government Security Centre, the Supreme Audit Office, the Ministry of Energy, the National Public Prosecutor’s Office, and the World Bank.