Arkadiusz Sekściński (online)

Arkadiusz Sekściński is Vice President for Development at PGNiG SA, Chairman of the Board of PGNiG Ventures and Member of the Board of Directors of PGNiG Upstream Norway. He holds a PhD in social sciences (political science) from the University of Warsaw. He was the organiser of the Internal Security study programme focusing on Energy Security, and a lecturer in such subjects as Poland’s Energy Policy, Energy Policies of Contemporary Countries, Renewable Energy Sources and Planning and Financing Investment Projects in the Energy Sector. Author of research articles. He received his Master of Business Administration an MBA Energy programme at Lazarski University.

Mr Sekściński started his professional career in the energy sector in 2007, working as a consultant in companies providing advisory services to businesses operating in the heat and power sector. From 2011, he served as director and member of the Management Board of the Polish Wind Energy Association. In 2016, he joined PGE Energia Odnawialna where, as Vice President and acting President of the Management Board, he supervised investment projects, innovation, operation of generation assets, communication, human resources and security. He served as president of special purpose vehicles responsible for the construction of onshore wind farms and development of wind farm projects in the Baltic Sea. He was also Head of the Photovoltaic Development Programme at the PGE Group.