Dariusz Śpiewak (onsite)

CEO of Force System SA, CIO at Polish Gaz TUW (PGNIG group), advisor at the EdTech Hub Accelerator – public innovations.

PIIT Management Board Plenipotentiary for GAIA-X

He graduated from the Finance and Banking as well as Computer Science and Econometrics at the Cracow University of Economics. He completed postgraduate studies in IT resource management at the Institute of Computer Science and Applied Automation of the Warsaw University of Technology and CIO Academy at Said Business School University of Oxford.

Founding member of the Polish Association of Software Measures in Poland dealing with the study of software complexity, measurement and valuation. Member of the CIONET Poland Council.

In his professional career so far, he has worked in public administration (i.a. member of the audit committee of the Ministry of the Interior, plenipotentiary of the Minister of Finance for Informatization, Chairman of the Informatization Council of the Ministry of Finance, long-time member of the ZUS Management Board supervising the Operations and Exploitation of Systems Division), financial sector and consulting. He has an experience in the implementation of large and complex IT projects.