Fryderyk Lewicki

Fryderyk Lewicki received MSc and PhD degrees from the Wroclaw University of Technology (Poland). He is also a graduate of several telecommunication programs provided by the United States Telecommunication Training Institute in Washington DC (1990-1992). Since 1985 he joined the Orange Labs Poland where he is expert on Antennas, Radiowave Propagation, EMF and EMC. He is Orange Expert Senior in Energy & Environment. He is Chairman of the ITU-T SG5 WP1/5 “EMC, lightning protection and EMF ” and for the fourth term the Rapporteur for Question 3/5 “Human exposure to electromagnetic fields (EMFs) due to digital technologies”. In the ITU-R SG3 “Radiowave propagation” he is chairman of the Working Group WG 3K-2 “Path general propagation method”. He is also Past chair of the Polish Chapter of the IEEE EMC Society. The main fields of his activity are: antenna systems, protection against electromagnetic radiation, spectrum management, electromagnetic compatibility and radiowave propagation. He is author and coauthor of about 90 technical papers and 7 patents including 3 European patents.