Gabor Matrai (onsite)

I’m 56 year-old, I studied at the University of Economics as an economist. I started my professional career in Budapest, at leading Hungarian commercial banks in 1987.
In 1990, I joined Sandoz/Novartis AG, as CFO.
1993-2000, I worked as Investment Director of leading venture capital funds: Hungarian-American Enterprise Fund and FirstHungary Fund.
From 1998, I represented FirstHungary in a regional transaction establishing the largest cable operator by Sony, Disney, Time Warner and LibertyGlobal. After the closing of this transaction I joined to LibertyGlobal, as Director of Strategy.
In 2010, I was assign to the Vice-President, National Media and Infocommuications Authority, Hungary and I was also elected to Vice-Chair of BEREC.
Currently, I work as Director and Board Member of IVSZ. I’m also an ExB & Ops. Committee member of DIGITALEUROPE.
My wife is a conductive teacher, she deals with disabled children. My children are 22-year-old twins, they’re university students. My hobby are sports and poems, sometimes I also write. I’m fluent in English, French, Russian.