Rafal Rohozinski (online)

Rafal Rohozinski is the founder and principal of the Secdev Group and CEO of Zeropoint Security, companies specializing in digital risk and cybersecurity. A senior fellow with Canada’s Centre for International Governance Innovation, Rafal has previously held appointments with the International Institute for Strategic Studies (United Kingdom), Munk School of Global Affairs, International Development Research Centre (Canada), Ford Foundation and the Social Science Research Council of the United States. His work on cybersecurity and digital issues spans more than 37 countries including Iran, Russia, Israel and Rwanda. In 2009 he led a team that discovered Ghostnet, the first documented Chinese cyber espionage network that impacted over 109 organizations including major governments in the Asia region. Rafal is a frequent keynote speaker and is the author of numerous books, reports and studies examining digital transformation and cyber risk and serves as an adviser to several corporate boards.